WorthGlobalStyle Network
  WGSN(WorthGlobalStyle Network), 英国在线时尚预测和潮流趋势分析服务提供商


  目标客户是零售商(如家乐福)、制造商(如ABS Cloting)、时装品牌(如LEVI’s)、设计师(如Clavin Klein)、鞋帽制造商(如converse)、邮购产品服务商(如Universal)、室内设计公司(如Westpoint Steves)、电子产品公司(如Nokia)、玩具公司(如Otto versand)、食品饮料(如coco-cola)、文具(如hallmark)、美容产品(如L’oreal)、汽车(如GM)等等。

  WGSN is the leading online trend-analysis and research service providing creative and business intelligence for the apparel, style, design and retail industries.

  WGSN's 150-strong editorial and design staff, noted for its significant industry experience, continually travels the globe to deliver insight and creative inspiration, real-time retail coverage, seasonal trend analysis, consumer research and business information. Complemented by a worldwide network of expert freelance analysts, researchers and journalists, our content staff is the hallmark of WGSN and the foundation of its status as the foremost provider of strategic information.

  Launched in 1998, WGSN has expanded its operations worldwide and now has regional offices throughout Europe, Asia, South America and the United States – in both New York City and Los Angeles. Its 360-degree global view is crucial in today’s marketplace. WGSN's authority is unmatched.

  WGSN’s services are advantageous company-wide and benefit all business functions, including design, production, manufacturing, purchasing, merchandising, marketing, product development, and general management.

  WGSN reduces travel budgets, increases design staff’s productivity, and provides the essential forecasting needed to ensure your business is on trend.

  The most extraordinary aspect of WGSN is its ability to provide its clients with a personalised service. Every individual user has what is essentially a customised experience on WGSN, a validation of the breadth and scope of its content and the sheer volume of its information, including a 12-year archive with more than 5 million images and 650,000 pages of information.

  WGSN is dedicated to providing its clients with the most all-encompassing connection to style. Staying ahead and tracking the style curve is what defines us. WGSN stimulates, informs, enriches and enables successful business development and growth. Join us and discover the expertise that we have to offer!


  Greater London House

  Hampstead Road


  NW1 7EJ

  Tel:+44 (0)20 7728 5783

  Fax:+44 (0)207 692 7843

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