阿纳达科石油公司(Anadarko Petroleum Corporation)
  阿纳达科是阿纳达科石油公司(Anadarko Petroleum Corporation)的品牌。
  阿纳达科石油公司(Anadarko Petroleum Corporation)是世界上最大的独立石油勘探与生产公司之一,成立于1959年,总部设在美国得克萨斯州休斯敦市。拥有雇员1229人。1996年,公司拥有原油储量为4082万吨,天然气储量为509亿立方米,其中20%在阿尔及利亚,80%在国内。1996年公司总收入为5.69亿美元,净收入为1亿美元,总资产达到25.84亿美元。





  Anadarko, historically a subsidiary of Panhandle Eastern Corporation (1928-1993; Panhandle Eastern has since been acquired by Southern Union Company), was formed in 1959 after the discovery of large amounts of natural gas in the Anadarko Basin (the basin comprises the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles, and southwest Kansas), thus the company's name. Anadarko spun off from Panhandle Eastern as an independent corporation in 1986 and now has activities in more than a dozen countries. The United States, deepwater Gulf of Mexico and Algeria represent the majority of the company's proved reserves and production; U.S. onshore accounts for about 60%.)

  The Anadarko Tower in the Greenspoint district and in Houston was built in a two-year period prior to December 1992.

  Anadarko Petroleum Corporation was headquartered in the Anadarko tower after its completion. On February 11, 1999 Anadarko announced that it would purchase a 7.5-acre tract in The Woodlands, Montgomery County from the Woodlands Land Company. There Anadarko planned to 800,000-square foot, 32 story headquarters building. Anadarko planned to open the headquarters in mid-2002.


  Anadarko's major areas of operation are located onshore in the United States, the deepwater of the Gulf of Mexico and Algeria. Anadarko also has exploration and/or production in Alaska, China, Brazil, Ghana, Indonesia, Mozambique and several other countries. The Company actively markets natural gas, oil and natural gas liquids (NGLs) and owns and operates gas gathering and processing systems.

  Other Productions

  In addition, Anadarko engages in the hard minerals business through non-operated joint ventures and royalty arrangements in several coal, trona (natural soda ash) and industrial mineral mines located on lands within and adjacent to its Land Grant holdings. The Land Grant is an 8-million-acre (32,000 km2) strip running through portions of Colorado, Wyoming and Utah where the Company owns most of its fee mineral rights. Anadarko is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of exploration and production activities in its worldwide operations through programs such as enhanced oil recovery that prevents a greenhouse gas from being emitted into the atmosphere by utilizing carbon dioxide (CO2) to stimulate oil production and the reduction of surface area used for production facilities.
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