高诚公关公司(Golin Harris)
  高诚公关是高诚公关公司(Golin Harris)的品牌。


  此外,高诚公关更洞悉本土市场需求,从2008年开展食品及营养品(Food & Nutrition)业务至今,仍旧是目前本土市场上第一个也是唯一一个推出食品及营养品业务的国际公关公司,该业务服务的客户包含Zespri佳沛新西兰奇异果国际行销公司、联合利华饮食策划、梦龙、法国Bel Group、李锦记、麦德龙、白兰氏等。

  Golin Harris's History

  1951 - Al Golin begins his public relations career as a field press representative with MGM Studios

  1956 - Al Golin joins Max Cooper & Associates

  1957 - Al Golin places a cold call to Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald's Corporation. Golin begins working for McDonald's for a retainer of $500 a month. Today, McDonald's is still one of the firm's key clients

  1958 - Al Golin is named a partner and Ben Burns joins the firm. Max Cooper & Associates is renamed Cooper, Burns & Golin. Burns is the first editor in Ebony Magazine's history

  1965 - Cooper, Burns & Golin is renamed Cooper & Golin. Ben Burns leaves the firm

  1967 - Cooper & Golin opens its first offices in San Francisco

  1969 - Cooper & Golin opens its first office in London

  1970 - McDonald's celebrates its 15th anniversary and its 12-year partnership with Cooper & Golin. It was during the early 70's that Al and Ray Kroc developed the concept of the TrustBank.

  1971 - Al Golin commissions Norman Rockwell to paint McDonald's annual report cover art

  1975 - Max Cooper leaves the firm, which is renamed Golin Communications

  1977 - Golin Communications creates the first corporate sponsorship of a national telethon by signing on with Jerry Lewis and his annual muscular dystrophy telethon

  1981 - The firm is re-named Golin/Harris Communications

  1985 - Golin/Harris Communications is acquired by Foote, Cone & Belding (FCB)

  1986 - Golin/Harris' first office in New York opens. Golin/Harris takes over management of public relations offices in Philadelphia and London owned by FCB

  1989 - Golin/Harris is acquired by Shandwick International

  1990 - Tom Harris retires from the firm to teach courses in public relations and integrated marketing at Northwestern University

  1992 - McDonald's establishes the "Al Golin TrustBank Award", to be given annually to one of McDonald's worldwide public relations firms that best reflects a commitment to community service. Al Golin is the first recipient of the award

  1996 - Golin/Harris is named "Agency of the Year" by Inside PR

  1997 - Golin/Harris relocates its Chicago corporate headquarters, from 500 North Michigan Avenue to 111 East Wacker Drive

  1999 - Golin/Harris Communications is acquired by the Interpublic Group of Companies and renamed Golin/Harris International

  2000 - Golin/Harris begins its expansion into Asia by opening offices in Tokyo and Hong Kong

  2002 - Golin/Harris merges with The Nixon Group and subsequently creates a presence in Miami, Florida

  2003 - Al Golin publishes a book, "Trust or Consequences: Build Trust Today or Lose Your Market Tomorrow." Golin/Harris merges with the Benjamin Group and opens an office in Orange County, California. Golin/Harris merges with The Weber Group in London

  2004 - Golin/Harris opens offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. The firm is rebranded from Golin/Harris to GolinHarris. GolinHarris launches Corporate Social Responsibility (branded as Change) and Employee Communications (branded as Inside Edge) specialty practice groups.

  2005 - GolinHarris establishes offices in Baltimore, Dubai and Toronto. McDonald's establishes the "The Al Golin Public Relations Award of Excellence", to be presented annually to the McDonald's franchisee and/or organization that best exemplifies a commitment of building trust through community involvement.

  2006- GolinHarris celebrates its 50th year in business by focusing on the future of public relations. Launches 9 new specialty products and practice groups addressing emerging trends such as digitization, globalization, activism, atomization and more.

  2006 - Merges with Panache Communications to specialize in Asian PR.

  2007 - GolinHarris named Agency of the Year 2007 by The Holmes Report and Large Agency of the Year 2007 by PRWeek Awards.

  2007 - GolinHarris launches GeoImpact, Sustainability Practice

  2008 - GolinHarris honored for Campaign of the Year by PRWeek Awards for Nintendo: Wii Launch

  2008 - GolinHarris honored as best companies to work for in: Atlanta, Chicago, London and Miami by Atlanta Business Chornicle, Crain’s Chicago Business, the London Sunday Times and the South Florida Business Journal.

  2008 - GolinHarris establishes two new offices - Jeddah and Stockholm.

  Industry Honors


  2011 Best Large Agency to Work For, Holmes Report 2011年被行业最具权威的Holmes Report评为“最佳大型公关公司雇主奖”

  2010 Large PR Agency of the Year, PRWeek 2010年荣获权威媒体PRWeek的“年度最佳大型公关公司”奖项

  2009 Asia Pacific PR Consultancy of the Year 2009年被评为“亚太区年度最佳公关顾问”








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